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Why Choose Park Dental Aligners?



In a few simple steps you can transform and brighten your smile. Park Dental Aligners are clear dental aligners used to discreetly improve your smile over time. Follow your custom treatment plan and start smiling!



Park Dental Aligners are about half the price of traditional braces and are covered by many insurance plans*. Payment plans may also be available through your dentist to help fit your budgeting needs.



With Park Dental Aligners there are no inconvenient trips to the dentist requiring adjustments and tightening of wires or brackets. Simply wear your aligners as outlined by your dentist and switch them according to your custom plan. That’s it!



Park Dental Aligners are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to clean, easy to store and virtually invisible when worn. No uncomfortable wires, no brackets, no problem!

*To learn if your aligners are covered by your dental insurance plan, contact your insurance provider.

How do Park Dental Aligners Work?

Our simple 3-step process takes the hard work out of aligning your teeth. No multiple office appointments or scheduling around your busy life. It's simple and cost efficient and can easily be done in an office visit or the convenience of your home.


Schedule A Consultation with your Doctor

To get started with your beautiful smile, schedule a consultation with your doctor. Your doctor will carefully evaluate your smile and provide you with an estimated timeline for how long your treatment will take. During your consultation, you may also have your dental impressions made and your smile photos taken. Some doctors may even give you the option to do your own dental impressions in the convenience of your home.

Your Custom Treatment Plan & Dental Aligners are Designed & Shipped Direct To You

Your doctor will carefully review and approve the most precise way to improve your smile by using Park Dental's advanced 3D technology. Park Dental will create a custom series of invisible aligners…. like a road map to your new, beautiful smile. Each aligner is precision designed to comfortably apply the ideal amount of pressure for gradual tooth movement. We will ship your Park Dental aligners direct to you or your doctor for pickup.

Follow Your Custom Treatment Plan & Start Smiling!

Follow your custom treatment plan and change your Park Dental aligners as scheduled. For even faster* results, use your Park Dental™ Smile Optimizer included in your Aligner Kit.

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We believe in the power of a beautiful smile, but we don't believe that you should have to pay a fortune to get it. After all, smiling is contagious, and we want everyone to share in the benefits. Unlike traditional braces that use metal wires and brackets to straighten your teeth, Park Dental Aligners are virtually invisible when being worn, so you can improve your smile discreetly. Choose between our all-day wear or our nighttime wear aligners. Simply follow your custom treatment plan and the information in your aligner guide for a radiant, beautiful smile.

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